• Level 1 audits, dynamic brake test, Locked bell audits, NDT, EMT, laser alignment, and thickness test to all winding plants.
  • Supply and installation of asbestos-free winder brake linings.
  • Supply of spares and repairs to all winders and components eg. Alstom, Cegelec, GEC, AEI, AEG, Siemens, Metropolitan Vickers, and Winder Controls installations.
  • Upgrading, modifications, refurbishing, and repairs to all of the above-mentioned winders which include electrical, mechanical, and heavy engineering. Eg.
  • Electrical: Drives, PLC’S, Stator Reversors, Convertors, Regulation, Electronic cards & components, Loop breakers, Lilly & Mine Winder controllers, Mine winder recorders, Tacho generators. Encoders, fans, etc.
  • Mechanical: Hydraulic valves, Gear pumps, Couplings, Oil rings, Hydraulic hoses, fittings, and filters, etc. Liquid Controller spares, such as troughs, fixed and moving electrodes, etc.
  • Heavy Engineering: Brake cylinders, gearboxes & gears, on-site machining of worn & oval brake path. Winder Sheave Wheel cutting and profiling.

Mining & Engineering

  • Electrical distribution equipment (LT & HT)
  • Upgrading and repairs to switchgear and panels.
  • Magnets and magnetic proximity switches.
  • We are authorized distributors and installers of ECAM, Safewind and Deebar systems.
  • Overheadline design and installations.
  • Renewable Energy in the Mining Sector.


  • Upgrading and repairs to HT switchgear & panels.
  • Primary and secondary injection testing to switchgear.
  • Complete servicing of HT switchgear.
  • Servicing and supply of battery tripping units – Blue Ginger, Static Power, Aztec.


Supply and repairs to all hydraulic and pneumatic components:

  • Fault finding and repairs to the hydraulic winder brake system.
  • Mannesman Rexroth hydraulics.
  • Sigma gear pumps.
  • Hytec filtration equipment
  • Rotex couplings etc.
  • Supply of Rexroth hydraulic valves.


  • Motor Control Centers.
  • Distribution Boards.
  • Gully Boxes.
  • Jumbo Rigs.
  • Starter Boxes.
  • Enclosures.
  • All switchboard and electrical panel components such as circuit breakers, contactors, overloads etc. (Distributors of CBI, EATON, AC/DC, MCE, Schneider, Omron, Siemens)
  • Lighting, air-conditioning etc.
  • We design to suite your needs.

Chemicals & Lubricants

We supply degreasers, Paint strippers, Hand cleaners, Electric solvents, Disinfectants, De-scaling, De-rusting, Metal Working Fluids, Protective Coatings, Pickling (Welding), Anti-spatter, Aluminium Cleaning, Manual Pre-paint treatment, powder cleaners, etc chemicals, authorized distributor for Momar Chemicals and PS 23 Chemicals and Lubricants.


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